Pets Agree™ Grain-Free Salmon Biscuit Treats

Pets Agree™ Grain-Free Salmon Biscuit Treats

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Pets Agree

Hooked! Salmon Treats

Crunchy TEETH CLEANING Salmon Treats

Grain Free — All Natural — No Artifical Preservatives

Always all natural and packed with drooliciousness, our wheat, corn and soy free range of treats are perfect for dogs who want less gluten in their diet.

Made with chick peas and flax seeds, these crunchy treats use only the highest grade ingredients, with no nasty artificial colors or flavors. It's like giving your dog pure love! Top it all off with our great value commitment and you get a lot more bark for your buck! Wheat Free and with added Taurine.

Recommended Use:

  • 2 treats per day for dogs under 20 lbs.
  • 4 treats for dogs between 20 to 40 lbs.
  • 6 treats per day for dogs over 40 lbs.

Feeding Instructions:

Break treats into smaller pieces for dogs under 30 lbs and supervise use. Adjust your dog's caloric intake accordingly to avoid overfeeding.

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