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 The holiday season is the best time to share thoughtful gifts with family members, including our beloved pets! One of the most notable gifts that you will almost always see on the store shelves, is non other than rawhide. These “treats” often come in brightly colored packaging and/or unique holiday shapes, but do not be fooled. These rawhide novelties are in fact very dangerous for your dog.

As your dog begins to chew on the rawhide, it’s hardened texture grows soft. Almost like a piece of gum. This gummy substance, is no longer an enjoyable chew treat for your companion. It is now an extreme hazard: a choking risk and a great potential to cause intestinal blockage. 
As your dogs continues chewing, the gum like substance will be swallowed. This is not something that is easily digested in dogs, causing likelihood for stomach pain in your dog, if nothing else. 
Rawhide chews are not products from the beef industry either, as contradicted by popular belief. It is actually made out of the hide from animals, which is typically what turns into leather. Which means rawhide is in closer relations to leather, than it is to any kind of edible dog product. Quite frankly, nothing about rawhide is actually safe or edible for your canine. 
We urge you all to skip out on the urge to buy those cute looking Christmas chews for your dogs this year. Do not be deceived by the bright colors and presentable packaging. All natural dog treats or safe chew toys with trustworthy materials, would make a much better gift for your pup! 
Stay safe, and keep your dogs safe too! 
From all of us at Positive Pets,
Happy Holidays!

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