Cat Blog on mental stimulation

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Cat Blog on mental stimulation






While keeping your precious feline indoors keeps them safe from outside predators, potential toxins, and other various risks, it is important to remember that your cat will need mental stimulation within your home.

Cats are natural predators, always hunting for their food. Instead of giving your cat all of their food in one spot, try mixing it up! You can scatter your cats food around your living quarters for a foraging effect. This is a great activity for your cat as they have to work for their food, keeping them more agile and active. Cats will love hunting around your home to find little “jackpots” of their favorite food.

It is also very important to make sure you keep a diverse selection of toys for your cat to play with. Wand toys, are at the top of many felines lists! These are the toys that come with a wand, string, and target. Your cat will go crazy for capturing the target, as you move it around the floor for them to chase. This will keep their reflexes sharp, as well as their mind.

Keeping your cat entertained and active is key to their health.  An active cat is a healthy cat!

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